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Treasury Stock and Share Incentive Plan
RNS - London Stock Exchange | 25/02/2014
London & Associated Properties PLC ("the Company")

On 25 February 2014 the Company issued 391,503 shares from Treasury to cover
bonuses and issues under the Company's HMC approved Share Incentive Plan (SIP)
to directors and staff at 58.25 pence per share.

Directors and PDMR's receiving shares and directors' new beneficial holding
totals are as follows-

                    ADDITIONAL    NEW TOTAL    % OF ISSUED 
                    SHARES        HOLDING      SHARES

R J Corry              11,896     1,040,344     1.23%
J A Heller            171,674     1,845,255     1.19%
M A Heller             85,837     6,452,339     7.65%


Members of staff      122,096

TOTAL                 391,503 shares

Following this issue of Treasury shares M A Heller and his family had an
interest in 47,945,473 shares in the company representing 56.81% of the issued
share capital net of Treasury shares.

The Company now holds 863,235 shares in Treasury. For reporting purposes under
section 198 of the Companies Act 1985 the market should exclude any shares held
in Treasury and use an issued share capital figure of 84,395,816 shares.

Date 25 February 2014

For further information, please contact:

Heather Curtis

Company Secretary

London & Associated Properties PLC Tel: 020 7415 5000