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Annual Information Update
RNS - London Stock Exchange | 21/07/2010

London & Associated Properties PLC


London & Associated Properties PLC (“the Company”) is pleased to provide an
annual information update in accordance with the requirements of the Prospectus
Rule 5.2. This update refers to information that has been published or made
available by the Company to the public over the period 1 July 2009 to 19 July
2010. To avoid an unnecessarily lengthy document, information is referred to in
this update rather than included in full.

In accordance with Article 27(3) of the Prospectus Rules, the information
referred to in this update was up to date at the time the information was
published but some information may now be out of date. This annual information
update does not constitute an offer of any securities addressed to any person
and should not be relied on by any person.

1. Announcements made via a regulatory information service


1 July 2009 Additional listing

2 July 2009 Annual Information Update

2 July 2009 Director/PDMR shareholding

28 August 2009 Half-yearly report

6 October 2009 Sale of property at Solihull, West Midlands

4 November 2009 Interim Management Statement 2009 No 2

7 December 2009 Sale of Property at Islington, London

8 December 2009 Amendment to Sale of Property at Islington

9 December 2009 Sale of Property- another property at Islington

22 December 2009 Treasury Stock and Share Investment Plan

29 January 2010 Treasury Stock

30 April 2010 Final Results

4 May 2010 Annual Report and Notice of AGM published

19 May 2010 Interim Management Statement 2010 No 1

7 June 2010 Capitalisation issue

8 June 2010 Results of AGM

1 July 2010 Statement re Bank Facility

2 July 2010 Additional listing

Copies of all announcements can be downloaded from the Company’s website or obtained from the Regulatory News Service of the London Stock

2. Documents filed at Companies House

The documents listed below were filed with the Registrar of Companies in
England and Wales on the dates indicated. Copies of these documents can be
obtained from Companies House.


3 August 2009 Creation of SAIL Address

3 August 2009 Annual Return

28 May 2010 Group companies accounts to 31 December 2009

9 June 2010 Copies of Special Resolutions passed at AGM 7 June 2010

28 June 2010 Particulars of Mortgage or Charge

5 July 2010 Particulars of Mortgage or Charge

3. Documents sent to Shareholders

The following documents have been despatched by the Company to holders of its


3 July 2009 Final dividend warrant

3 July 2009 Capitalisation share issue entitlement notification and share
certificate if applicable.

22 Jan 2010 Interim dividend warrant

30 April 2010 Annual Report 2009, Notice of AGM and Proxy Form

30 April 2010 Letter (where appropriate) advising shareholders that the Annual
Report and AGM Notice is available on the Company website with a
hard copy of the Proxy Form.

4. Documents submitted to the UK Listing Authority

Copies of the following documents have been submitted to the UK Listing
Authority for inspection at their Document Viewing Facility and can be obtained
from the Company Secretary.


30 April 2010 Annual Report to 31 December 2009 and Notice of AGM and
Proxy Form.

9 June 2010 Copies of Special resolutions passed at the AGM 7 June 2010

For further enquiries, contact:

M C Stevens, Company Secretary

Telephone: 020 7415 5000


London & Associated Properties PLC,
Carlton House,
22a St James’s Square,
London SW1Y 4JH.